Biden shuts down Trump-era probe into Covid links to Chinese lab

Biden has terminated the inquiry launched last fall on the orders of Donald Trump into whether Covid originated in a Wuhan lab, possibly as a result of China’s biological weapons program. Instead, another investigation was announced, which could be better controlled politically and which could quietly expire if need be.

David Asher, the contractor who led the investigation, has stated he is certain that “the Chinese Communist Party engaged in a huge coverup.” Asher defended his work by saying that some State Department officials “were deliberately playing down possible links to China’s biological weapons program. . . . It is U.S. law to engage in effective arms control and nonproliferation, not facilitate it via ‘scientific cooperation’ in the name of threat reduction or refusal to engage in effective compliance with Communist countries that openly aim to incorporate synthetic biology into the future of warfare.”

Why it matters:

  • China is party to the major international agreements regulating biological weapons which prohibit developing, producing, transferring or stockpiling of bacteriological and toxin weapons. A potential discovery of an illegal biological weapons program today would harm China’s international standing and result in significant reparations. The Chinese government was furious and spared no effort to stop any such inquiries.
  • Caving in to China’s demands and participating in the coverup rather than maintaining pressure indicates president Biden’s weakness in negotiations with China and his readiness to capitulate on most serious issues.


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