State Dept Confirms Support for One-China Policy

State Department Press Briefing | February 3, 2021

MR PRICE: Good afternoon. I know yesterday was Groundhog Day, but let me start today’s briefing by saying the exact same thing I said yesterday when I walked in.

[ . . . ]

MR PRICE: To your second question, when it comes to Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield, look, if we are going to hold China to account, we need a confirmed ambassador to the UN, a confirmed United States Permanent Representative to the UN. Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield has been sounding the alarm on China for decades now. The Biden administration is prepared to out-compete the Chinese across the board, including at the UN, and it’s important that, to that end, she be swiftly confirmed.


QUESTION: Does the Biden administration support the one-China policy?

MR PRICE: So – I —

QUESTION: Uh-oh. All right, now we know what’s going to be in the (inaudible) tomorrow.

MR PRICE: It’s only because I —

QUESTION: Ned Price can’t answer whether the – (laughter) —

MR PRICE: No. It is only because I want to be very careful about my language here. But yes, the answer is that our policy has not changed. It has not changed.

QUESTION: Okay. And then on Iran, can you – sorry, I just – I was teeing off that, Matt —

QUESTION: I know, Nick, but wait a second. Can you just say that you support – the Biden administration supports the one-China policy? Otherwise —

MR PRICE: Yes, our policy has not changed.

QUESTION: That’s great. Can —

MR PRICE: We – of course, guided by the one-China policy, correct.

QUESTION: Thank you.

[ . . . ]

So with that, thank you very much, everyone, and we will see you Friday, if not sooner.

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