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Do We Have A Chinese Spy In The White House?

By Charles “Sam” Faddis | AND Magazine | November 29, 2021

In the runup to the 2020 Presidential election news broke that Hunter Biden’s laptop had been abandoned at a repair shop and subsequently turned over to the FBI. Copies of the hard drive of the laptop began to circulate. The information on the laptop was explosive with the potential to derail Joe Biden’s campaign.

The lapdog corporate media swung into action. The laptop was branded a fake. Dutiful retired “intelligence officers” signed on to a carefully worded letter, which did not really say much of anything factual but suggested that the laptop was likely the creation of the Russians and constituted “disinformation.”

The story was buried. Most Americans probably went to the polls without ever having heard of it.

A year into Biden’s term in the White House the vow of silence is beginning to fade away. Led by the New York Post, which never backed off on the story, the media is beginning to slowly release the sordid details of what is on Hunter’s laptop. A twisted world of drugs, prostitutes, and obscene amounts of foreign money is beginning to emerge.

And, yet, still, the full impact of what is on the laptop somehow continues to be ignored. The ultimate question, one with implications for the entire world, remains unasked. Do we have a Chinese spy in the White House?

Miranda Devine of the New York Post has written a book called “Laptop from Hell.” Excerpts from the book are being published now by the PostThose excerpts illustrate precisely what is still not being confronted and the enormity of the danger we may face.

One of the many business dealings Hunter Biden entered into with Communist China concerned the creation of a company called SinoHawk Holdings, LLC. This is the company with which Tony Bobulinski was involved. Bobulinski has provided testimony linking Joe Biden directly to Hunter’s business dealings. SinoHawk was a global investment firm. It was seeded with Chinese money.

The Chinese money came from Ye Jianming, chairman of a Chinese company known as the Chinese Energy Fund Committee (CEFC).

Ye Jianming and CEFC were part of what is known as the Chinese United Front. This is a worldwide effort by Chinese intelligence to buy and coopt the leadership of target countries. This practice is referred to by the Chinese as “elite capture.” At the top of the list of nations targeted by the United Front is the United States.

Everything about the SinoHawk deal fits precisely with the known method of operation of Chinese intelligence in buying the cooperation of foreign leaders in furtherance of Beijing’s foreign policy and national security objectives. In this case, it would seem logical that the target of that effort was not Hunter Biden, a cocaine addict with no skills and no track record of accomplishment. That target would be the then Vice-President himself, Joe Biden.

CEFC engaged in United Front work worldwide as did its chairman Ye Jianming. Outside the United States, CEFC United Front activities have been documented in several African states, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Serbia. The CEFC also worked hard to push the United Nations to adopt Chinese views and erase all references to human rights and the role of civil society from United Nations language.

Patrick Ho, who was also part of CEFC was allegedly referred to by Hunter Biden as the “spy chief of China.” He was the target of at least one Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant in February 2018. Ho was convicted in March 2019 and sentenced to three years in prison for bribing African leaders at the United Nations on behalf of CEFC.

The United Front is not fiction. It is a hard reality. The United Front works worldwide to mobilize China’s friends to strike its enemies. Its express goals include undermining social cohesion, exacerbating racial tension, the use of psychological warfare, the spreading of fake news, and legal warfare against the target nation’s institutions.

Ye Jianming and CEFC did not climb into bed with Hunter and the Biden family because they believed they were going to make money together. Every indication is that Ye and CEFC did with the Bidens exactly what they did in multiple other nations and for which Ho ultimately went to prison. They bought influence. They dished out boatloads of Chinese Communist Party cash in furtherance of Beijing’s objectives. They did here what they did in Serbia, in Africa, and in countless other places around the world.

The questions remain. What exactly did the CCP get in return for its investment? How many other ways did the CCP funnel cash to the Bidens? The Chinese are not fools. They do not simply spray cash at a problem. If they continued to do business with Hunter and continued to finance the relationship, what were they getting in return?

What might the CCP still be getting in return for its investment today?

This is not a story about drugs, hookers, and Hunter Biden’s demons. This is a story about foreign “elite capture” operations reaching to the very highest level of the United States government. This is about finding an answer to questions whose answers are essential to the security of the republic.

Did the Chinese buy Joe Biden? Do we have a Chinese spy in the White House? If so, what is Joe doing on Beijing’s behalf today?


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