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Tom Cotton Takes Biden Nominee Vanita Gupta Apart During Hearing

By Bonchie | RedState | Mar 13, 2021

Tom Cotton Asks Vanita Gupta: “Against Which Races Do You Harbor Racial Bias?”

Subscribe now for more updates! Thomas Bryant Cotton is an American politician and attorney serving as the junior United States Senator for Arkansas since 2015. A member of the Republican Party, he served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2013 to 2015. Vanita Gupta is an American civil rights attorney.

While there was a lot going on last week in regards to the COVID “relief” bill, Joe Biden being barely living, and Tucker Carlson, another story flew under the radar. That was the confirmation hearing of Vanita Gupta, a far-left radical being appointed to one of the top spots at the DOJ.

Some of her views have included the decriminalization of all drugs. She’s also a big fan of illegal immigration and open borders, as you’d expect. But it was her views on race that really got her into hot water with Sen. Tom Cotton, who spent his time at the hearing absolutely taking Gupta apart.

You may need to sit down — and grab a cigarette — after this. For those that can’t watch the video, here’s a general summary of how things went.

Ian Miles Cheong on Twitter: “Tom Cotton is savage. / Twitter”

Tom Cotton is savage.

It’s the weekend, so that means I’m gonna load up my articles with gifs to fill space. I think these are appropriate.

Tom Cotton should probably be arrested for assault after that exchange. (/sarc)

He manages to take apart the lunacy of implicit bias, and Gupta never even sees it coming. Cotton expertly leads her into the trap, getting her on record that every single human being is racist, no exceptions. After that, with the precision of a well-trained surgeon, he hits her with the question that every person pushing critical race theory should be asked – so who, exactly, are you racist against?

Gupta has no answer at first, before resetting and claiming that she has her own “stereotypes” she fights against because of her upbringing. You can tell it’s all nonsense that she’s coming up with on the spot, simply because she knows she’s caught. In reality, Gupta never fathomed that her own standard would be thrown back at her. Cotton had other plans.

What’s sad, though, is that Gupta will be confirmed. While Merrick Garland stumbles around the DOJ, unable to ascertain what day it is, this hardcore radical will be running the show. That’s how these things always go. There’s a figurehead, and then there’s those who are truly in charge.

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