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Will Biden Force U.S. Taxpayers To Fund a Massive International Monetary Fund Bailout of China?

The SDR expansion proposal has been circulating for years, lately under the pretext of aiding developing countries affected by the pandemic. Expanding SDRs would open the IMF’s front door to many more morally hazardous bailouts—even to oppressive and/or corrupt regimes. The potential SDR windfall for China could run into the hundreds of billions—and Beijing’s debt-trap diplomacy could continue apace.

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Top China Analysts Warn: ‘The Chinese Are Preparing for War’ While Biden Is ‘Giving Them Everything That They Want’

By Mike Miller | RedState | Feb 01, 2021 During a May 2019 campaign stop, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden declared China is no competition for the United States, while simultaneously mocking those who disagreed with him — with a comment that riled lawmakers on both sides of the aisle: “China is going to eat our lunch? Read More…

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New Virginia Majority: How China-Backed American Communists Manipulated Minority Groups to Vote Blue

By Trevor Loudon | COUNTERPUNCH | January 15, 2021 Right under our noses, China-backed American communists did mass voter registration drives in Virginia. The goal? To manipulate minority populations to vote Democrat to turn the state blue … next stop North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and Texas–ending in a one-party state America.